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Steel City Re is a financial services intermediary providing businesses with quantitative solutions for measuring, controlling, and assuring the value of reputation.


Reputation is a complex strategic asset providing significant economic value; it also creates risk, especially in commercial sectors where trust is a business imperative. Reputation value is a key managerial concern because it materially affects the main drivers of profit and loss. Reputation risk is a key governance concern because it directly impacts liquidity, sustainability and enterprise value.


In a world of increasing risks, hyper-transparency, and reduced stakeholder tolerances, Steel City Re’s solutions help companies forge reputation resilience by meeting 21st century expectations for governance, controls and risk management.

Reputational Value

Corporate reputation is the sum of stakeholder expectations of corporate performance. All things being equal, reputation value results from expectations of corporate behaviors associated with quality, ethics, safety, security, sustainability, and innovation. It leads stakeholders to behave in financially-relevant ways—how customers respond to prices, how effectively employees work, creditors set borrowing rates, suppliers set terms, and how severely regulators impose penalties.


Better reputations should lead to stakeholder behaviors that create greater enterprise value through shorter sales cycles, larger unit volumes, and customer willingness to accept premium product pricing; better terms from employees and vendors for services, and terms for capital from creditors and equity investors. Regulators should be less aggressive as well.


Reputational Value Metrics calculated by Steel City Re are indexed measures of the value of reputation, evidenced by the telltale signatures left by stakeholder behaviors before they are reflected in a company’s financial statements. The metrics enable Reputation Assurance.


Reputation Assurance

Steel City Re’s Reputation Assurance transforms the business imperative of managing reputation risk from a set of tactical actions into a strategic program for building corporate value. It is a strategic solution combining actuarially-based risk transfer, real-time data-based risk controls, indexed methods for quantifying intangibles, and insurance-based signaling.


Reputation Assurance delivers strategic benefits through two components: a quantitative 6 sigma-styled control system and an index-linked insurance product. The 6-sigma-styled controls generate timely actionable intelligence to inform decision-makers in governance, operations and communications management. The controls mitigate both reputation risk and allegations of willful blindness. Reputational Value Insurance, which indemnifies a company for costs and expenses arising from an adverse reputation event, delivers strategic value by affirming that the company’s governance, controls and risk management qualify it for insurance.


Reputation Assurance not only transforms reputation risk management into a strategic competitive advantage, it provides increasingly important personal protections for corporate directors and officers.

Creating Value

Reputation Assurance transparently signals the benefits of better management to those who can appreciate and value it. As the 2001 Nobel Laureates in economics explained, insurance credibly communicates to all stakeholders that a responsible, authoritative third party has a financial stake in the company’s success and through its due diligence is convinced that the company has the culture and processes that will assure that it will deliver on its promises.


Underwriter acceptance for Reputational Value Insurance, one of the centerpieces of Reputation Assurance, has been called analogous to a credit rating or solvency rating, and has been described by some as “a warranty on governance.” It helps stakeholders recognize, appreciate and value a company’s reputation in a way that is far beyond what investor relations or public relations can do on their own.

About Us

Steel City Re is a Pittsburgh, PA-headquartered leader in corporate reputation measurement and risk management. Operating also from New York, Kansas City, and London, Steel City Re’s Reputational Value Metrics are integral to the company’s reputation assurance solutions. In addition to enabling diverse reputation governance, control, and risk transfer solutions for companies and their supply chains, these metrics empower third-party investment strategies.


Quips and Quotes

Robert Rittereiser

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Rittereiser is CEO of The Global Trademaster Company, the leading provider of integrated supply chain management systems. Previously, Mr. Rittereiser was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of Merrill Lynch & Co., President and CEO of EF Hutton & Co., and Chairman and CEO of Gruntal Financial, LLC. In addition to other corporate directorships, Mr. Rittereiser has served as an Industry Director for the Depository Trust Co., The National Securities Clearing Corp., and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, and as a Trustee of the DBL Liquidating Trust.

Nir Kossovsky

CEO and Director

Dr. Nir Kossovsky, co-founder of Steel City Re, is an authority on business process risk and reputational value and holds more than a dozen patents, including Reputational Value Metrics. Previously, he served on the boards of Patent & License Exchange and Littlearth, Inc.; was a consultant to the FDA’s medical device advisory panels; and is featured in case studies from Harvard and Darden Schools of Business. He is currently a Trustee of Excela Health Systems, a community-based health care provider and executive secretary of the Intangible Asset Finance Society.

William McGinty


Mr. McGinty is formerly Senior Managing Director of the NASDAQ Insurance Agency. He is currently with the ELS group, an insurance brokerage specializing in the needs of high net worth individuals. Previously, he served as a founding partner and President & COO of American Wholesale (currently operating as AMWINS), a national property & casualty and Employee Benefits Insurance firm. Bill also served in various senior management positions for the Sedgwick Group, including New York Regional COO and Director of US Office Operations.

Alfred Fasola


Mr. Fasola is the Chairman of Boardroom Specialists, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in advisory services and risk management for public companies where he has had a twenty-year history in restructuring and turnarounds. Clients include Xybernaut Corporation, RCN Corporation, Jumbo Sports, Herman Sporting Goods, Gateway Foodmarkets, Circle Express, Pilot Freight Carriers, and Purolator Corporation. Early in his career, he was a Cabinet member in the administration of Governor Thomas H. Kean, New Jersey, and he served as Special Deputy to the Commissioner of Insurance for the State of New Jersey.

Peter Gerken

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President

Mr. Gerken leads Steel City Re’s underwriting, broker relations and development services where he works with brokers, captive managers, as well as directly with senior risk and finance executives. Mr. Gerken has been in the commercial insurance industry as both an insurer and broker for 35 years. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Gerken has specialized in intellectual property, intangible asset, and reputation value solutions. Previously, Mr. Gerken was IP Practice Leader at Marsh. Mr. Gerken has an MBA in Management from Bernard Baruch College (CUNY), and holds the CPCU designation.

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